Take the Lead with the Influencer Marketing for DevOps e-Book Series

There is a secret truth about most DevOps marketing messages – they get ignored.

Download the Influencer Marketing for DevOps e-Book series to learn how to reach the most skeptical market in the world.  Begin with our guide to influencer marketing and continue with four more books that cover the tactics necessary for executing a winning influencer marketing strategy.

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Released May 2016

1: Influencer Marketing for DevOps

You market to people who don’t believe what marketing says, and don’t think they need marketing to sell their product.  It turns out there is a way to get noticed by the most marketing-resistant group on the planet,  and it starts with embracing influencer marketing. Learn what influences DevOps decision-makers, how to exercise that influence, and the elements required for your influencer marketing strategy for the DevOps market.

2: Persona Development for DevOps

Persona development in an influencer marketing strategy requires understanding two personas: that of your customer audience and that of your influencer audience. Learn how to collect data to shape the development of both personas, as well as other necessary tactics to get your personas in place.

Coming Summer 2016

Coming Summer 2016

3: Content: Topic Selection & Curation

You’ve recruited your influencers, and you think you are ready to go.  But…what about the topics? Topic selection for influencer marketing requires a bit of a split personality and a talented team. Good topic selection and curation will demand enough structure to get what you need and enough freedom for your influencers to exercise their expertise and flex their influencer muscle on your behalf. Learn how to Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde it all the way to a successful campaign.


4: Influencer Marketing Operations & Analytics

You need metrics to demonstrate success. You need to know what to measure for those numbers to mean anything. Learn what you should really measure vs. what you are asked to measure and how.

In this book, we describe the right metrics for influencer marketing, as well as approaches to structure your digital marketing campaign to create measurable goals that accurately reflect the key performance indicators of influencer marketing campaign success.

Coming Summer 2016

Coming Summer 2016

5: Content Marketing Distribution

With data-driven persona development, your channels will emerge. Learn how to use your persona development activities to accurately map your content distribution. With influencer marketing, it is all about the influencer AND the customer. Get tips on how to maximize your reach to both.

About the Authors

Chris Riley

Chris Riley

Author & DevOps Analyst

DevOps analyst and author Chris Riley writes and speaks on how to adopt cutting-edge technology to improve development, and IT operations, optimize processes, and become more competitive.

Yolanda Fintschenko

Yolanda Fintschenko


Co-author Yolanda Fintschenko has spent her career marketing to the most highly skeptical and technical audiences – scientists, and has translated those skills to the tech world.

Brad Oliver

Brad Oliver

User Experience Designer

Brad Oliver has 15 years’ experience in Product Management, User Experience Design, and Web Design.  He is known as a renaissance man and it proud to be a card-carrying skeptic.

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